BEST PICTURE Winner | The Revenant


The Big Short
A portrait of the "weirdos" who profited from the 2008 financial collapse, based on the bestselling book by Michael Lewis.

Bridge of Spies
Steven Spielberg’s stylish Cold War thriller is loosely inspired by 1960 U-2 incident, in which a US pilot was shot down over Soviet airspace, leading to a tense exchange of prisoners on Berlin’s Glienicke Bridge. Tom Hanks stars as the American lawyer defending Mark Rylance’s Russian spy

Saoirse Ronan stars as a young woman forced to move from 1950s rural Ireland to New York, in Nick Hornby’s adaptation of Colm Tóibín’s coming-of-age novel. It's an outsider for this year's Best Picture Oscar, but it did pick up the Outstanding British Film award at the Baftas.

Mad Max: Fury Road
In George Miller’s antipodean dystopia, water is scarce and petrol is king. This long-awaited follow-up to his classic Eighties action/sci-fi trilogy stars Tom Hardy as the grizzled Max, but Charlize Theron steals the show as one-armed truck driver Imperator Furiosa. 

The Martian
Based on Andy Weir's cult self-published novel, Steven Spielberg's sci-fi survival romp stars Matt Damon as a surprisingly chipper stranded astronaut

The Revenant
In this gritty period endurance drama, which picked up Best Picture awards at both the Baftas and the Golden Globes, Leonardo DiCaprio plays a 19th century fur-trapper lost in a frozen wilderness.

Brie Larson plays a brutalised mother, imprisoned in a garden shed with her 5-year-old son. The film, like the best-selling novel it is based on, is disturbing and compelling in equal measure.

his gripping dramatisation of The Boston Globe’s investigation into child abuse in the Catholic Church stars Michael Keaton and Mark Ruffalo. The film’s down-the-line style is clearly inspired by another journalistic classic, 1976 Oscar-winner All The President’s Men.

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